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Head over to GenieBelt to use our project collaboration platform instead.


To-Do List

Prepare a to-do list or add new items as you go. We offer you freedom in your work.

Integrated documentation

Upload specifications, programmes, minutes - Basically anything you want to have with you on site.

Photos & Notes

Add notes of issues and take photos that attach to specific notes. Have an overview of all pictures taken.

Backed-up in the cloud

Your data is safe in the cloud. All you need to do is to log onto GenieInspect and you're good to go.

Easy to use

GenieInspect is designed to make the inspection process effortless, it's light, fast, and mobile-friendly.

Automatic PDF reports

With a press of a button get a pdf report complete with your issues, notes, photos and location tags.

Issue Tagging

Tagging of issue location on the drawings. Never forget where an issue belongs to.


Need your construction drawings with you on site? Upload them into the application and hey presto.


Your first 3 Inspections are Free